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Heaven Killer

Destroying heaven was the beginning of Lance’s problems. It gave him a rep and a skill set he uses to earn the coin he needs. In a world where demons roam free and angels are fighting their own battles, humans and demkrea need someone like Lance. You’ve got a job? He’ll take your coin and get it done.

A widow wants to restore her husband’s soul. On the way Lance battles creatures ancient, foul, and powerful. He’s forced to work with a woman that doesn’t like him much and just wants to get her brother away from the gallows. Not everything is what it seems in a world where good and evil battle, not just in your heart but, in a very literal way destroying entire countrysides.

But hey, maybe this job will be the one that gets him killed.

blood-fiercely-defended heatherswriting

Blood Fiercely Defended


The sumptuous world of vampires is under attack.

Anca has been living peacefully in France for four centuries. She has turned away from her warrior ways to take care of the magical creatures in the vampires’ care. The Gathering is soon, and she is looking forward to the opulent event where all the world’s vampires gather to shed any façade of humanity and indulge in any and every desire.

In a single attack, the survival of vampires is put in jeopardy. An old enemy has returned and is fighting in a way that is completely new. Secrets lurk around every corner. Even Anca has a secret connection to this resurfaced enemy.

I really feel like you've got it going on here. The pacing is good. The structure is good...It's easy to care about the characters...The humor throughout is really nicely done. It's got all the complexity of conflict without being overly complex. It's got twists and turns. It's really got everything... I think you've really got a winner here.

Bensko of Book Butchers


I love the mystery of it ... what is happening? But at the same time, we are getting pieces to the puzzle all along...

Kristin Pearson-Furhop


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