30 in 30

1. Diversity is beautiful

2. Single tasking gets things done

3. Life is like pulling a trigger, go slow to go fast

4. It is okay to change your tastes and values

5. The best exercises are the ones you enjoy

6. Love is a choice and true love is real

7. You will never please everyone

8. Live is 20% finding yourself and 80% creating yourself

9. Embrace your dork, good things will happen

10. When love is real there are no excuses

11. Life is joyous when the details are exquisite

12. You can be your own opposite

13. Magic is real

14. Weapons are fun

15. Adventure is worth it

16. Chase your dreams, you won’t regret it

17. You will spend every minute of every day with yourself, be someone you want to spend that much time with

18. Be frugal wherever you can

19. Don’t sacrifice your morals

20. Get the puppy

21. Get the tattoo

22. Weight does not equal health

23. D&d is a good time

24. Motorcycles are a spiritual experience

25. It is okay to throw out the food/alcohol

26. Anything you have invested time/money in but you find yourself no longer enjoying, you can put it down. The money has been spent, the time is gone.

27. Love is not about compromise, it is about collaboration

28. Study your heroes. Don’t be them. Be your own version of them.

29. Empathy improves the world

30. You aren’t dumb, you’re just in a medium that isn’t for you

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