Allow the Distraction

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

It is a common occurrence in my office for the dogs to (loudly) wrestle right behind my chair. When I’m working, I will kick them out for a short time so they can calm down. When I am just watching a video, I would do the same, but then I started doing something different.

I allowed the distraction.

I realized that joining that moment of pure unbridled joy was more important than watching yet another video about how to write a proper to do list. When I watch them play, I smile. I get joy from watching them play, an appreciation of the moment and that I have them in my lives. A lot of the time I end up joining them. When I watch videos my brain either turns off or starts stressing that I am living my life wrong. I end up discontent sitting in my chair staring at the life I’m told I should be living.

Since I started allowing the distraction I found my mornings were much happier. I began taking my coffee outside. Instead of beginning my day with what I told myself was inspiration, I started beginning my day watching my dogs be happy as they chased each other into exhaustion. I have time to appreciate what I have, a home, a loving fiancé, two dogs who love having a fenced in yard. Now I sip my coffee, read my book, and let the distraction happen. I am much happier for it.

We spend so much time shutting out the world so we can concentrate on the “important” things like being productive. I think we should allow ourselves to be distracted more often. Let the world in, observe, feel, be joyous. I promise it is okay.

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