It Wasn’t Luck

When I was offered a job at a Chiropractic office as a Massage Therapist my mother said it was lucky. That irked me. I had specifically mentioned to as many people as possible at my prior job that I was a licensed Massage Therapist. Luck had nothing to do with it.

There is a great misconception that people that get what they want in life are lucky. As someone that has spent years earning $1,100 a month and is now about to release my first novel, paid for entirely by myself, let me tell you: Luck really has nothing to do with it.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


I love that quote. What appears to be luck to those that don’t actively pursue their ambitions is actually years of preparation paying off when the correct opportunity presents itself. As the founders of McDonalds put it, “We were an overnight success, twenty years in the making.”

I’ve recently been hired at a large chained book store. I applied to this job quite purposefully. Working on the floor of the book industry is going to give me great insight into how the industry works. I’ve only worked there 9 days and I’ve already learned a lot.

A few of my co-workers are published writers or critique partners. They work helping others write their novels. To some this may seem like a lucky break for a novelist just starting out but I knew that the kind of people that work at a bookstore are either people that will take any job or people that live and breathe books. I knew I would end up working with other writers. That’s a big part of why I wanted the job.

Luck does exist. Actresses work their butts off at auditions only to be “discovered’ watching street performers. But if that luck had occurred when there was no preparation present, they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. You need to be ready for your lucky break.

What is your greatest ambition? What are you doing to accomplish it?

If you answered nothing or not much it doesn’t matter how lucky you might get, you won’t achieve your ambition. I want to give you a challenge. Every day for the next 6 months I want you to devote non-negotiable time towards that goal. I wrote the first draft of my novel is 6 months. What will you do?

From March 2019

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