Updated: Apr 23, 2021

We will all leave behind a story. Some will fade, others will linger. A rare few will inspire others and rarer still will be the stories, the legacies that last generations.

We are all stories in the end. What we leave behind is the legacy of how we were and how we made those around us feel.

As with any story that is passed from one person to another, the details will change with time. Whole chunks of the stories will morph beyond any semblance of truth. But the morals, the emotions… those last.

Making people happy that you arrived will be remembered. That you always made people feel loved will be remembered. That you always complained will be remembered. That picked up those that felt ignored, those people will always remember you with a smile on their face and grateful heart.

Often, our legacy is out of our hands. We don’t get to decide what will impact others. You may have made others smile but maybe what they remember is your daredevil driving. Everything passes through a filter; our intentions are no exception.

In the end, all we leave behind is our legacy. We leave behind memories in others. You may leave behind children that have certain features and quirks of yours but in a few generations that will fade but knowing that grandma so and so did such and such and isn’t that awesome will last for generations.

Knowing this we have a great power. We know that our story is what matters. It is our actions and impacts on others that will keep on after us. We get to decide if we are going to try to leave a good story that will inspire others. We decide if we will simply let others interpret our intentions. We can go out and live an amazing life on our own terms for our own sake and for the sake of leaving behind such a legacy that when we are taken to that eternal rest, we do so with knowledge that we did something that mattered.

“We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one eh?” – The Doctor

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