Making the Choice between Panicking or Embracing the Opportunity

Recently I have been making the transition from working in retail to getting back into working in fitness. I expected to slowly decrease my work in retail as my hours increased in fitness. The more classes I taught and the more clients I took on the less I would work in retail.

When I gave my boss at the retail store my change in availability (no longer available in the evenings on certain days) I fully expected a few less hours. When I first started all I worked was early mornings. I was always done between 2 and 3:30. When my boss saw the change she warned me that my hours would “go down significantly.” I was a little worried but figured she meant I’d be working about half the hours. As I was just shy of full time I was figuring about twenty hours per week. I was scheduled for twelve.




When we had discussed my availability change, she had mentioned that there weren’t many shifts that fit my availability. I knew that was false as the first few months all of my shifts had fit within that availability. I quickly realized this was a choice on their part. They simply didn’t want to deal with my lessened availability. It was easier for them to just schedule me on the days when my availability was still open. This meant I had a choice to make. I could either pull back from my decision to transition into fitness or I could take the days off they’d given me as an opportunity to work on my fitness career.

I decided to keep moving forward.

I’d worked in fitness before, it is what I have the most experience in. I knew from my time working as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer how rewarding it was. Watching people progress into who they want to be and knowing you were a part of it is an amazing thing. I also knew from my time working in retail that I definitely wanted to leave. Trying to convince people that they not only want but need this product they didn’t even know existed an hour before grates against my soul.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I needed out of retail. I could either panic that my next paycheck was going to be small or embrace the time given to me to obtain as much fitness work as possible. Months have gone by and my transition into fitness is still slowly happening. Just last week I was able to hold the most group fitness classes yet. I even have regulars.

My hours eventually leveled out. My income is now steady. They have begun scheduling around my availability proving my suspicion that shifts like that do indeed exist. In fact, last month I was scheduled nearly forty hours every week. Between my two jobs I was working well over full time.

Sometimes life will push against you. You can either crumple against this or push back. By holding my ground my retail job was eventually forced to show their hand. The shifts did exist and I am one of their better workers. With time I regained my hours and now I am also building my career in fitness. When pushed, stand firm, have a plan (not just a goal) and keep going. Be prepared for opportunities that come your way and you’ll find luck around every corner.

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