Favorite Series of 2017

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

It is hard to find a book that sucks you in but man... this one did.

Cinder is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles

A futuristic cyborg Cinderella story with mind controlling Lunars (a race of people living on the moon), taking place in New Bejing. As soon as I read the back cover I knew one thing for certain: "This I gotta see."

I was not disappointed. The Lunar Chronicles follows Cinder, our Cinderella character in this story. The series follows her through her discovery of her past and embracing new friends and her fate. The characters are layered with good dynamics and believable relationships between them. If a good plot isn't enough the characters are lovable... usually (looking at you Thorne). 

Any book worth rereading has to have two things. One a plot that left breadcrumbs in the beginning of the story as to the twists that would happen later on. Two, hilarious moments. This series is not short on either.

You don't even have to be sad when you finish the series as Marisa Meyer also wrote two other books in the same world. Fairest tells us the background story of the evil queen, a villain you can almost sympathize with. Stars above is a series of short stories, it includes certain scenes from the series from a different character's point of view, stories not pertinent to the series, Cinder's early days, and a look at what happened to the character after the series ended. Any lover of young adult, fantasy, fairy tail retellings, or science fiction should give this a read.

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