Puppy Snuggles

I look over and see my dog pawing at me gently. He is slightly turned so that his belly is mostly exposed. His eyes gaze at me intently. I put down my book and turn onto my side. I give him belly scratches with both hands as I gaze right back. I discard the thought of wasted reading time. I already know that the number of books I’ll be able to read in my lifetime is a mere drop in an ocean of literature. Even now that reading is technically working, I push aside the thought. My pup only has so much time on this world and I owe him a certain number of belly scratches. The books will be there. The page is marked. I will be able to delve into all of those worlds at a whim. I can explore alternate universes filled with heroes, dragons, or talking fish any time. My pup is asking for scratches now.

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