Self-Isolation Activities

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

1. Come up with a night routine

2. Come up with a morning routine (you’ll need your night routine for this)

3. Build a fort

4. Play that instrument that been giving you the stink eye since high school

5. Revisit an old passion

6. Come to the Dork side and play some D&D

7. Find out what D&D is

8. Be awed at D&D and gradually let it take over your life

9. Read (May I suggest Blood Fiercely Defended available on E-Book for $4.99)

10. Obtain bragging rights by reading the Silmarillion

11. Have a movie marathon

12. Learn how to throw a punch

13. Have another movie marathon in said fort

14. Pamper your dog, you know they deserve it

15. Pamper yourself, you don’t do it often enough

16. Have the most thorough shower of your life

17. Sleep in the living room, go nuts

18. Play roulette with canned food, remove the labels, grab three at random and try to make a meal

19. Learn a card game

20. Learn the function of a rubber duck

21. Watch lectures and emerge from quarantine with a swollen frontal lobe

22. Watch Ancient Aliens, emerge from quarantine paranoid

23. Watch Ghost Hunters and go through quarantine paranoid

24. Read some more but different books

25. Dabble in calligraphy, it is a dying art, impress your friends

26. Learn to make an amazing cocktail, we could all use one

27. Clean your house, I know but we should

28. Fix that loose thing that you know will take 5 minutes but you keep putting it off

29. Downsize a bit, spending so much time with all your stuff may reveal you have too much of it

30. Learn a new skill

31. Play yard games if your outdoor space allows

32. Connect with friends with online games

33. Have a virtual movie night via Netflix

34. Take virtual tours of museums

35. Take virtual tours of zoos

36. Learn the exact physics of what keeps planes up

37. Learn of the shape and function of the tongue of a woodpecker

38. See what science experiments you can do at home

39. Begin your own business

40. Practice giving speeches

41. Sleep, like, so much

42. Stretch, like, so much. Not that much you’ll hurt something!

43. Reveal a secret to your significant other

44. Reveal a secret to your dog. You’re adopted.

45. Research self-massage

46. Research dog massage. Yes, that’s a thing. Professional dog petter.

47. Research couples massage. Become an excellent people petter.

48. Look at the stars and learn constellations

49. Learn what the plants are in your yard, even the weeds

50. Realize you are capable of these things and thus are awesome

For even more ideas watch my YouTube video

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