Set Yourself Up for Success in 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I think there is an undiscussed reason why so many new year’s resolutions fail: They don’t start soon enough. By the time February comes you feel like you should be in full swing of this resolution. You think you should be going to the gym every morning, that your finances should be organized, or that your new business should be starting to take off. What we forget is that big plans like these take preparation. What if you don’t have the proper shoes for the gym, what if you don’t know how to organize your finances, or what if you don’t know how to market your business?

I suggest you start now.

Start researching your resolution. If you want to lose weight think of why you haven’t already. Get those obstacles out of the way now so they don’t delay your results in the new year. Want to be more organized? Look up different ways to organize; explore your options and see which ones look like fun to you. Starting a business? RESEARCH. Research the crap out of it.

No matter what your resolution, there are certain things you can learn that will help you achieve them.

To Do Lists

Having a To Do List will help you stay organized and accountable but, they are easy to do wrong. If you write buy groceries on your list but don’t know what food you need to buy you just set yourself up to fail. You’ll meander the isles staring at food trying to remember how long that jar of spaghetti sauce has been in the fridge. Instead write down ‘look at fridge and cupboards’ to see what is running low, ‘Look up recipes that use ingredients you already have’, ‘Write grocery list’, ‘Go grocery shopping’.

I suggest watching Muchelle B’s How to Write a Better To Do List. ( Since implementing her strategies my daily productivity has increased. I can look back on my day and see what I’ve accomplished with satisfaction.

Every CEO swears by one thing: a morning routine. Having a set morning routine will ensure you set your day up for success every day. In the morning routine you should be sure to do a few things that need to be done for you to be as productive as possible. If you can’t be productive because you’re thinking about the dishes in the sink, then make doing dishes part of your morning routine. If your dog won’t leave you alone during the day because they have so much energy, make taking them for a long walk part of your morning routine.

Anyone that has implemented a morning routine will know the truth of my next words.

Morning routines start at night.

If you wake up with the intention of going to the gym but feel your motivation go away when you realize you need to pack your gym bag then make sure to pack your gym bag every night before bed. As soon as I began to prep for my mornings at night I saw that I got out of bed quicker and achieved more each morning. Be honest. Will having a glass of water and your alarm next to your bed work best or will you wake up faster if you have to walk into the next room to shut off your alarm? Placing the water next to the alarm reminds you to stay hydrated and drinking water while standing will help you wake up faster.

Go through your morning routine each night and set up everything that you’ll need. Have clean dishes ready for cooking breakfast. Have your gym bag packed. Have your dog’s leash next to the door. By increasing the efficiency of your days, you will accomplish your resolutions sooner.

If any of these ideas seemed helpful to you please let me know. Tell me which ones you will be adopting and how they changed your productivity. Be happy!

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