Sticking to Your TBR List

Hitting the month of July means we have passed the halfway point of the year. This is a time for many people to do a midyear check in. I encourage you to do the same with your reading list. If your thinking, Crap! My reading list. What was on it again? You may find the following tips helpful.

1. Join Good Reads

Since joining Good Reads my reading goals have increased substantially. You can set a goal for yourself each year of how many books you want to read. Every time you start and finish a book (or even make progress) you can record it on the site and they keep track of things for you. You can shelve books you wish to read. Whenever you’re looking for what to read next you can check out the books you’ve shelved.

2. Add a page in your journal or planner

This allows you to get creative. You can put the books you wish to read as a list, as a picture of a bookshelf with the names on the spines, as books that you color in once you’ve read them, or leave space after the titles for a star rating and a quick sentence about the book. Keeping this information in your planner can help you plan what you’ll read when as you’re planning out your months.

3. Write out your TBR list and put it somewhere you’ll see regularly

This will remind you of the promise you’ve made to yourself. When you see the list, you’ll be both reminded of what you’ve yet to read and how much you’ve already read. I find this helpful for those of us that are a little extra forgetful.

4. Have a bookshelf dedicated to your TBR

This is my personal favorite. Having a bookshelf I can go to whenever I need a new read let’s me know what I should read next even if that isn’t what I choose. By having a dedicated shelf for my TBR I never have to wonder where the books are. I get easily distracted by other books. If I always go to my TBR shelf first I’m more to stick to my list.

5. Celebrate each book you complete on your TBR

Seeing progress is motivating. If you have trouble finishing a book, celebrating each one read can help motivate you. As you go, you’ll find that reading becomes the reward all on its own. If you’re just getting into reading or you’re trying to tackle a particularly difficult read, promising yourself a coffee or $5 towards that thing you want can help you muster up that extra patience to get through it.

Try out a method for the next 6 months and see if it works for you! Let us know how it goes. Feel free to add tips that help you stick to your TBR list in the comments. Keep reading and growing. I’ll see you in the next chapter.

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