What’s Between You and Living Your Vision Board

Vision boards have one great flaw, they don’t provide a plan. You have a goal, and a goal without a plan is just a wish. It is a wishing board. So how do you close the gap between the you you are now and the you that is on your vision board?

Make a plan.

Make a lot of plans.

I’m going to assume you know how to make a vision board. You have the pictures selected and the board is hung up somewhere you can see it regularly. There is a general mood about the board and you look at what you’ve made with hope and determination.

Now the next step. Each picture represents a goal, write down what that goal is. Do you want to buy a car? Are you determined to have abs at the end of the year? Will you start a blog? Will you keep in contact with your friends better? These are all great goals. How are you going to achieve them?

List what has to be in place for these things to happen. If your goal is to buy a car you have to know what kind of car works best for your needs, you need to know how much the car will cost (even just a rough estimate), and with the deadline for when you want to get the car you can easily calculate how much you have to save each month in order to afford the car on time. There are other things to consider. Will you have a place to park it? Will you have to rent a parking space? Have you allotted a budget for maintenance? Maybe you should learn how to check the fluids and fill the tires with air while you save. This way once you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll be prepared to maintain it and have it last.

Make a list like that for each goal. Write down not just what is required for each goal to happen, but how to maintain each goal so it doesn’t keep ending up on your vision boards in the future. Once you have the steps, figure out the time line and work backwards. If you have two years to save when do you need to call about a loan? Well, how long does a loan take to process? If it takes a couple of weeks then put that item on your calendar two to three weeks before you need the loan to go through to get the car on time. Working backwards will allow you to know where your progress needs to be at any given time.

Once you have your action plan figure out what you can do right now while the motivation is fresh. Write a list of your friends and their contact information, research what type of vehicle will work best for you, experiment with core exercises to find out which ones you prefer, what do you enjoy writing about for the blog, or how does one even start a blog? Start researching.

After you know the basics and have your plan laid out all you have to do is follow the path you laid out for yourself. It is Tuesday, a gym day. You know you like bicycle crunches, do a few sets. It is pay day, put aside the money for your future car. It is the first of the month, call your friend. Achieve your goals one step at a time.

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