You Too Can Be Legendary

If you’re like me, being a dork has shaped who you are. Over your life you’ve slowly accumulated traits of your favorite characters and you’ve started hobbies you were introduced to in books. Maybe you’ve even spent time fantasizing about what it would be like to strap on a backpack and stumble into an adventure of your own.

Somewhere along the line we all obtained the unifying belief that adventures are things apart from our lives. They are a sequence of events beyond our current lives. They are the things of stories, not for us. This simply isn’t true. You can travel across the globe. You can trek out into the woods with nothing but a backpack of supplies and your wits. You can help save the helpless victim. It can be as easy as giving someone a safe ride or planning out a hike and being open to the unknown.

What adventures are you most drawn to? What are the storylines that, when promised on the back of a book, guarantee you’ll pick it up? How could you replicate that? If you enjoy stories where the heroes travel across strange lands and meet adventure along the way you are drawn to travel. You can do this by hiking, driving, flying, whatever mode of transportation you are drawn to most. If you enjoy stories where they have great fighting skills you can start researching different fighting styles. Do some basic drills at home. If you like stories where the hero solves a great puzzle you can start playing free strategy games online.

Heroes don’t form overnight. They don’t find themselves in a scenario and then realize they have the perfect skills to deal with it. Those skills were hones over time. Hours of study and practice went into those brief moments of glory.

Anyone can be a hero. If Hobbits can change the fate of Middle Earth, you too can do something legendary. You just have to prepare for the moment and allow adventure to find you. We don’t all have wizards waiting for the next catastrophe so they can call on us for help. We can all form our own adventures; they just take a little effort.

Start with preparation. Think about the skills you most admire: speaking multiple languages, riding motorcycle, bush craft, knife throwing, kickboxing, first aid. These are all things you can start learning today. The internet has plenty of resources. (As a matter of fact, I know or am working on those myself so feel free to ask me about them.) Once you’ve reached your limit online, or just when you are ready, you can take a simple course. You can learn to lifeguard for $100-$220 and a motorcycle course costs about $250 (depending on your area). You could discover a lifelong passion and adventure just got that much easier.

I learned to ride when I was 22. By the time I was 25 I was totally comfortable riding out with nothing but a backpack of supplies and just disappearing for a while. Even 21 year-old me would have found that epic. The adventure you think is impossible today is just a little preparation away. What will your adventure be?

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